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 Meepo The Geomancer

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PostSubject: Meepo The Geomancer   Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:54 pm

Meepo – Geomancer

Range: 100 | Move Speed: 300
Primary: AGI
Str: 17 + 1.3 | Agi: 23 + 1.9 | Int: 20 + 1.6
Damage: 34 – 40 | HP: 473 | Mana: 260
HP Regen: 0.76 | Mana Regen: 0.81
Attack Speed: 1.06 | Armor: 5

Originally worshipped by the pagan tribes of Germania and the black forests that encompassed it, Meepo is a mischievous spirit of the earth who enjoys burying his enemies alive in mountains of rock spikes, pinning them down into helplessness as he pummels them into submission with his mighty shovel. The most disturbing of the Geomancer’s powers, however, is his ability to separate his being into multiple selves, each as powerful as the original and making him potentially four times the trouble for the unlucky who encounter him.

Earthbind (E)

Rains earthen spikes across a target area, pinning down all enemy units in the 225 AOE. Lasts 2 seconds.
Level 1 – 500 casting range.
Level 2 – 750 casting range.
Level 3 – 1000 casting range.
Level 4 – 1250 casting range.
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 20/16/12/10

Poof (F)

Drawing mystical energies from the earth, Meepo can teleport to another Geomancer, leaving destruction in his wake. After channeling for 2 seconds, Meepo instantly teleports to nearest target Geomancer, dealing damage in 400 AOE in the departure and arrival locations.
Level 1 – 40 damage.
Level 2 – 80 damage.
Level 3 – 120 damage.
Level 4 – 160 damage.
Mana Cost: 140/120/100/80
Cooldown: 20/18/16/14

Geostrike (G)(Passive)

The Geomancer enchants his weapon with the essence of the earth, crushing the life from his enemies and numbing their legs. Slows target movement speed and deals 15 damage per second. The effects are additive with other geomancers. Lasts 2 seconds.
Level 1 – 5% slow.
Level 2 – 10% slow.
Level 3 – 15% slow.
Level 4 – 20% slow.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Divided We Stand (D)(Passive)

I. Introduction

Meepo is one of the hardest but also the easiest one. XP growth different from the other, almost 4x in level 16 (4 clone). But, the biggest weakness is, “one die all die” is such a kind favorite word for hero such nuker e.g Lich, Lina, Lion etc. This build updated since the gameplay now is changing from farming to survivability. Why? Since in high level playing no one will let meepo farm like crazy, and no one will target the primary meepo, so BoT and Manta Style will be replaced with Power Tread and Guinsoo for better survivability skill.

II. Between Advantage And Disadvantage


* Meepo has the highest XP rate among all heroes in dota

* Can surely kill most of heroes in level 6, and totally farming out every creep wave in lvl 7.

* The one and only hero that doesn’t have a “Cooldown” with trap skill (Earthbind)

Earthbind last 2 seconds, and if there are 4 Meepo, and Earthbind cooldown is 8 seconds, then, 1 meepo throw Earthbind, 2 seconds again next Earthbind come again with second meepo, and then the third one, and next etc.2 x 4 = 8, after the fourth meepo throw his Earthbind, the first meepo Earthbind cooldown already finished.

It means We have a formula, if cooldown of skill divided with total hero which have the same skill multiply by the effect of the skill produce 1, that means those skill doesn’t have cooldown.(Cooldown/Total Hero * Effect Time = 1)

* Only Tinker And Meepo that can control more than ONE LANE IN THE SAME TIME. (Because of Boots Of Travel)


* Lion And Lina are your biggest enemy. Your clones have a little hp in early game, with Light Strike Array + Dragon Slave + Laguna, No one can stop you died. Same with Lion, Imaple, Hex and then Finger Of Death will sent you to heaven.

* NEED a VERY SKILLFUL HAND to do extra fast creeping, jungling, killing, , microing and teleport anyway. (This is the point that people always run away from picking meepo because it’s too hard to master this, like using chen creep)

III. Skill Build

“Farming Type”

1. Earthbind
2. Poof
3. Poof
4. Earthbind
5. Poof
6. Divided We Stand
7. Poof
8. Earthbind
9. Earthbind
10. Geostrike
11. Divided We Stand
12. Geostrike
13. Geostrike
14. Geostrike
15. Stats
16. Divided We Stand
17 – 25. Stats

“Survival Build”

1. Earthbind
2. Poof
3. Poof
4. Geostrike
5. Poof
6. Divided We Stand
7. Poof
8. Earthbind
9. Geostrike
10. Geostrike
11. Divided We Stand
12. Earthbind
13. Geostrike
14. Earthbind
15. Stats
16. Divided We Stand
17 – 25. Stats

IV. Skill Build Explanatory

“Farming Type”

First, i will tell you that, this is the fix skill build for me and i won’t change the position of the skill by any reason. Why you should change this skill build? I think it’s strong enough to make you stand longer in lane while you can forest farming if your creep are in a little push condition. I think the biggest question is:

Take Poof At First? No Mana Dude !!

I Know that poof take a really huge mana, but most guide i seen weren’t fixed poof mana cost. The latest dota version (until now is 6.54e) poof only cost 140/120/100/80 and have a cooldown by 20/18/16/14 while some dota’s sites provide old database of poof(which you just copy and paste them into your guide, MANA COST IS 225/210/195/180 and cooldown 60/50/40/30.).

* So, after reduced mana cost, what else do you want? i don’t think 80 mana is too much for 320 area damage with 1.5 second casting time and 30 second cooldown. While in lvl 7 you have 2 Meepo which means two poof, cost 80 mana in each meepo (if i’m not mistaken, your mana pool ini level 3 around 340), and you produce 640 damage, total creeping huh? since creep health pool only 550/560 should be around that when you lvl 7.

* Taking earthbind 2 level in early for saving your ass if some heroes trying to kill you or your teammate. Then in lvl 9 you take Earthbind lvl 4 which have 1250 casting range. A very very far casting range for such a area trap skill.

* Then Maximizing geostrike later because we need more meepo to synergize that, if you were only 1/2 meepo, then it won’t useful, so why don’t we skip that and take area damage skill first? Do we have the same reason why Sven got Storm bolt first and stats? also with Gondar take Suriken Toss and Wind Walk then skip jinada to late game? Because in early game you need to stand longer, while geostrike can’t support that. Poof and earthbind help you killing and creeping, it’s also synergize well if you have only 2 meepo, while geostrike can’t do that.

* And last, passive skill should take at last, Why? Attack Speed and base damage is the reason. If you were given the choice between Coup De Grace lvl 3 (Mortred Ultimate) and Windwalk lvl 4 when your hero still lvl 1, which one did you prefer? I’ll bet my Idgs junior id that most of people will take Windwalk then coup de grace. Critical attack need fast attack speed, which make the chance bigger to triggered ( If your attack speed is slow, it must be an era to wait critical attack show up). The same reason with Geostrike. More meepo, means more slower, and more fast attack speed. So, better skip Geostrike to later game.

This screenshot will talk more than my mouth says.

* As you see in here, Anub’seran try to kill me, because my health bar were in orange dot. Behind anub’seran, there are raigor that ready to stun me from far range with Fissure.

* But Anubseran comes too fast, raigor don’t prepare to stun me, but tower does to protect me Very Happy He attacks Anubseran.

* Sukuchi hit me, but it doesn’t matter, only a little damage won’t kill me.

*In this time, i prepare to net him. Look at red crossed line

*Anub’seran move as my prediction, now he will be dead.

*Successfull net, and tower still whack him. He will die in a few seconds. Remeber it was the first lvl of earthbind, it can only cast in 500 range.

*Sure he is dead, i let the Sentinel get it because i see raigor try to Fissure me, too dangerous to get kill, since my health bar is orange dot.

“Survival Build”

Not to mention that this build is different from farming type, but in this build, we will only help the battle not initiate. Since earthbind and geostrike only taken once, we can’t throw then hit them like usual as they will see us and they run or dodge (Early Game). So, let your friend open the battle/gank first, then you catch them, it’s easier since one of your friend must cast slow or stun skill. When caught, hit them, then this is the time Geostrike help us catch the target. 2 meepo can’t use earthbind effective if the target is too hard/tough. Additional damage also a helpful things even only just 10/second for 2 second. If meepo can grow better, well the strategy will be the same as Farming type.

IV. Item Build
Core Item (Farming type)

Survivability Type

And to complete the Item Set

Or maybe you can put aegis in your inventory.
V. How To Play Meepo Efficiently.
Early Game Phase

Start with 2 Ironwood branch and 1 RoR + 2 Tango. Why Not basilus? you don’t need armor and mana regen in early game because i recommend you play with safe style. If you’re Scourge, then choose the left lane, or If Sentinel, go for right lane. Why? Lane choosing is important since you can farm neutral a lil bit if your creep get a little farther than safety zone. Safety zone in here is a place where enemy couldn’t gangbang you easily. You can harass enemy by some poof in level 4/5 if they try to harass you. Remember, only 100 mana for 240 area damage. But never make your mana pool empty. It will cause a problem when you want to run away, you don’t have earthbind. Once again, playing safe is the way to making your meepo a though killer. Money will come fast in lvl 7 ++ so leave it all away in early game won’t make your core item harder to get,isn’t it?

The worst way in this phase is, you only get Headress Of Rejuvenation, Ring Of Basilus and Boots Of Speed in lvl 7. Don’t worry, i usually make those item, and can finish with complete equip. Remember when you reach lvl 6, leave your lane, say to your partner that you will go forest jungling about 5 minutes. With 2 meepo, you can deal 480 damage to creep with 100 mana/meepo. Try to reach lvl 7 before going back to fountain. Gold that often seen in this time around 1200 – 2000 g. Well, if you farm better, get Mask of Death or Ring Of Regen. We want vladimir as fast as we can.

After getting basilus, don’t doubt to spam poof for farming. 2 poof = total creeping. You don’t need last hitting, just ‘F’ tab then ‘F’ and gotcha!!..get 300 g. I rarely seen that enemy aim at me in early game, maybe most of them underestimate meepo. This is the good side if we play an underdog hero, they let us farm as much as we can.


* Starting Item :

* Target Item : WORST CASE

Mid Game Phase

It should be you’re around lvl 11 now. So, 3 meepo is strong enough for killing.

Finally i have a time to continue this guide, now mid game. As i said before, 3 meepo is strong enough to kill, 960 damage in 1.5 seconds is horrible to some agility hero and intelligence. it’s better you look at this screenie. This screenshot show that 2 meepo is enough to kill, so if you go with 3 meepo, it will surely kill enemy around 800 hp. This picture show that huskar is easy to kill.

* Start to net with 1200 range. huskar can’t see us throwing net

*In the same time after throwing net, run as fast as you can, get closer to your enemy.

*After making sure that he caught in net, ready to throw another earthbind. this is easier because the target was locked.

*Now throwing the second earthbind. remember, earthbind last only 2 second. so better get closer and poof

*Ready to poof, after a few hit

*Making sure that he will receive maximmum damage. 640 damage. And luckyly, huskar doesn’t know that meepo’s poof is strong enough to kill him.

* First poof. look at his health bar

* Now the second poof.

* Huskar try to kill me with all of his power, burning spear + ulti. but i’m sure that i won’t die becuase vladimir’s lifesteal.

*Happy ending

That’s the reason why we should max out earthbind first. 1200 range is very far for such a net skill. Another example : Help razor to kill. A precision with earthbind is an important skill. train how to position it and soon you will catch every enemy that already run forward.

Getting Guinsoo

Disable, prevent them using their special ability like counter helix (Axe), reduced magic damage (Magina), reduced armor by 100%. Get Mystic frist, then you get Ultimate orb to boost stats. You can also pick Ulti orb first if you manage to survival.